Weather forecast models

Choose the below model. Read the info at the bottom of each page for a better understanding of the maps.

Model Area Runs Resolution Max valid time
GFS Europe 0h 6h 12h 18h 0.5° 384h
France 0.25° 240h
Northern hemis. 0.5° 384h
Tropo / strato 0.5° 384h
WRF-ARW France 0h 6h 12h 18h 4.0km 96h
CEP / ECMWF Europe 0h 12h 0.5° 240h
Northern hemis.
UKMO Europe 0h 12h 1.25° 96 à 120h
NAEFS Europe 0h 12h 1.0° 384h
Northern hemis.
ICON (DWD) France Toutes les 3h 7.0km Run 00h, 06h, 12h, 18h: 120h | Run 03h, 09h, 15h, 21h: 30h
Arpege Europe 0h 6h 12h 18h 17.0km Run 0h: 96h | run 6h: 72h | run 12h: 102h | run 18h: 60h
France 7.5km
Arome France 0h 6h 12h 18h 2.5km | 1.25km Run 0h et 12h: 42h | run 6h et 18h: 36h
North West 2.5km | 1.25km
North East 2.5km | 1.25km
South West 2.5km | 1.25km
South East 2.5km | 1.25km
Notrh Alps 2.5km | 1.25km
South Alps 2.5km | 1.25km
Corse 2.5km | 1.25km
Jura 2.5km | 1.25km
Languedoc Rhone valley 2.5km | 1.25km
Lyonnais Vivarais Velay 2.5km | 1.25km
Provence Cote d'Azur 2.5km | 1.25km
West Pyren. / Gascogne 2.5km | 1.25km
Roussillon / East Pyren. 2.5km | 1.25km

Other models : last model section on Météo 60

The WRF-ARW Europe and France models are identical, the only difference is the resolution.

The models are updated several times a day. For instance the 12:00 pm update means that we have the maps with the observations made at 12:00 pm and which serve us as a basis for the calculation of the model. The calculation and data provision time explains why the maps are available several hours after the update.

The WRF model is developed by american meteorologists and researchers. It can be used freely and has many available parameters in order to refine the settings or in order to test different calculation equations.

In order to improve the WRF versions displayed on Météo 60, you can inform me if you notice obvious or repeathed mistakes on a parameter or a specific area. I draw your attention to the importance of following the model on a long-term in order to notice it.

GFS model (Global Forecast System) results from an official weather organism from USA: the NOAA. Indeed the NOAA freely provides its data which cover the whole world.

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