Radar image of the rain and snow falls in France

Use the zoning, layers, and opacity features available under the map
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scrolling radar hours
Choose the opacity of the radar echos:
25%   50%   100%
Choose area:
North West  -  North & Paris  -  North-East
Center West  -  Center  -  Center-East
South West  -  South  -  South-East & Corse
Choose layer:
Animation 3h  -   Animation 12h  -   Last image
Echos max 3h  -   Echos max 6h  -   Echos max 24h
Estimated accum.**: 1h  -   3h  -   6h  -   12h  -   24h  -   Current month (test)
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The button "animation" allows to record the animation on 3h; The "last" button will save the last image.
The "this view" button saves the current view by taking zoom, zoning and opacity changes into account.
Clicking on these buttons will open a pop-up that will offer you urls to share the image on sites, forums etc. In miniature or in real size.
Update: 23/07/18 at 11h45
www.meteo60.fr Conditions of use on other media: read this page
legende echos radars
Do not use for the protection of property and persons.
Si vous renseignez une ville dans le champ de recherche de prévisions par villes, ses coordonnées seront utilisées pour afficher un marqueur de repérage sur la carte

Estimated accumulations are based only on radar imagery. They may differ from the reality measured by the official rain gauges (see "stations - relevés" section). These accumulation cards give a good overview. They may be distorted in case of a break in the updating of the radar images if this occurs during rainy weather.
Webmasters: read this page to know the possibilities and the conditions to put radar images on your site.
Meteo 60 disclaims any and all liability, In case of error, misuse or lack of data.
There maps are updated every 15 minutes.

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