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You have a website and you would like your visitors to enjoy the maps produced by Météo 60?
It is possible, but under conditions; you can include:

  • It is strictly forbidden to unauthorizedly integrate animated images with the features of Google maps active on your site. If you want to include them with customized settings, please contact the webmaster. Integration of dynamic radar animations on an external site requires a paid subscription to cover Google Maps quota fees).
  • France radar on Google maps background: you can put it on your web site but you have to add a textlink to https://www.meteo60.fr Url static map: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/derniere-image.png and gif map: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-france.gif
  • France radar on white background (old map): you can put it on your web site but you have to add a textlink to https://www.meteo60.fr Url static map: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/derniere-image-simple.png and gif map: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-france-simple.gif
  • Regionals radar maps :
    Here are the urls of the last images and animations over 45 minutes that you can copy in your code:
    North, Picardy, Paris: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-nord-picardie-idf-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-nord-picardie-idf.gif

    North West: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-nord-ouest-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-nord-ouest.gif

    North East: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-nord-est-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-nord-est.gif

    Center West: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-centre-ouest-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-centre-ouest.gif

    Center: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-centre-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-centre.gif

    Center East: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-centre-est-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-centre-est.gif

    South West: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-sud-ouest-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-sud-ouest.gif

    South: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-sud-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-sud.gif

    South East: https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/radar-sud-est-grand-dernier.png and https://www.meteo60.fr/radars/animation-radar-sud-est.gif
    Put a link as following:
    Animation over 3h (France) or over 1h30 (zooms) on https://www.meteo60.fr

  • Observations map: Insert this image on your site. The map is updated every 5 minutes. This is France on the last hour, including user and automatic observations: https://www.meteo60.fr/obs/carte-observations-taille-reelle.png Put a link as following: https://www.meteo60.fr
  • The satellites images : Météo 60 does not produce them directly but brings an added value by giving free access to animations. Therefore you are invited to put a link to https://www.meteo60.fr and to the source website http://www.sat24.com
  • The small images of the forecasts, radars and situation map.
    Put a link to https://www.meteo60.fr
  • The forecasts maps for France : only for the first three days and the temperatures
    Put a link as following:
    Forecasts of the coming days on https://www.meteo60.fr
  • The humidex map:
    Put a link to https://www.meteo60.fr
  • The maps of the numericals models: It is forbidden to use the maps in order to reproduce a models section. But it is possible to display the maps with the aim of informing...
    Put a link to https://www.meteo60.fr
  • The pictures - photos : only on request.

    In case you'd put maps of Météo 60 on your website, you can indicate it to the webmaster via the contact page. For any other demand, use also this page.

    I remind you that the content of Météo 60 is subjected to copyright, as mentionned on this page

    For the data which are not produced by Météo 60, please contact directly the concerned websites.

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